My name is Iza Rudzka. I have been organizing and coordinating projects and events almost all my life, since the student self-government. I have many years of experience in advertising and events planning and organization, and I enjoy my work so much that I never want to stop!

I professionally share my skills, my time and my commitment and a ton of energy that always goes towards PEOPLE, SUN and WATER!

I support what I like and value in life – quality time, personal development, yoga, togetherness, community building, a high quality of everyday life – nature, healthy food, rest, clean air, good conversation, and music.

I value freedom, both my own and that of other people. I try to solve problems on a regular basis and I believe that there is always a solution. I like new places and new challenges. I love meeting new friends and learning from them. I am inspired by the world, everyday life, and experiences along the way. I am sociable and I love to laugh!


If you think that what you dream about is impossible, then I tell you: it is possible and we will do it together.