Imagine a calm morning. The sun is shining, you are sitting in the shade on the terrace, drinking delicious coffee, you hear the waves in the distance and the beach beckons. Soon, people will appear at the common table where a divine vegetarian breakfast will be served. Everyone arrived yesterday, had time to relax, and today the classes start indoors in a beautiful room or outdoors in the olive grove.

This is how the day of your workshop begins.

I organize workshops in beautiful, warm places. Many people enjoy and want to run workshops, but all the details that go into making a workshop a success can be overwhelming. These details are a lot of fun for me and I know what to do to assemble all the pieces of the puzzle into one beautiful whole.I have a lot of experience in this area and I want to help others with the little details of managing workshops so that they can focus on the things that they enjoy doing.

I organize workshops for trainers in Poland and in the world, from beginning to end. 
Here’s what I do:

  • I recommend places around the world. I know beautiful places in Poland, Greece, India and Belize, but I enjoy traveling and I’m happy to help you anywhere in the world!
  • I prepare all the materials for you, in Polish or English.
  • I liaise with the place you’ve selected for the workshop to make sure that everything is in place for the workshop and its participants.
  • I help you create a proposal tailored to the nature of the event — retreats, self-development workshops, yoga courses, dance workshops or co-working trips.
  • I help prepare vegetarian meals and in choosing restaurants for meals.
  • I help participants with their travel plans and can organize transport at the location.
  • I help organize day trips and excursions to places of interest around the venue.
  • I help you with on-site care for the participants, assistance and support in those unforeseen situations that always seem to come up.
  • I help you promote the event, by preparing promotional materials, application forms and publicising the event on social media.

Basically, I take care of everything you need! All you have to do is arrive when everything is ready and run your workshop. You needn’t worry about anything and you have me to call if you need anything done.

I have many years’ experience as a project manager in advertising. I bring this experience to every project that I’m involved with.

I help organize workshops. I do everything from site selection, full service on site, organize adventures and excursions and everything else that makes the workshop a success, both for the participants as well as the presenters.

If you need something I haven’t mentioned, don’t hesitate to write to me, I love new challenges!