I can cook local, healthy, vegetarian food for your workshops!



Warm pancakes with jam, porridge with roasted hazelnuts and peaches, scrambled eggs with tomatoes and crunchy bread with the best butter – what will you choose for breakfast?

I love cooking, especially for others. The moment when there is silence at the table because everyone is so absorbed in their food gives me great satisfaction. Food is energy, it is love and I enjoy sharing that love with people.

I have been a vegetarian for over 10 years, I know how this diet supports the quality of everyday life. I cook at workshops with one thought – to best feed guests, make them feel content but not heavy, and to give them pleasure and strength.

I always cook with local produce, so the food I make in Greece will be different than in India or in Poland. I cook with seasonal produce, so in June the food I make will be made with fresh summer produce, different than in October, where I will cook with autumnal produce.

I am constantly learning new recipes inspired by my travels and the ingredients I find in different parts of the world.

I can offer:

  • Fresh vegetarian cuisine with local produce
  • Only healthy, organic and carefully selected ingredients
  • Coffee, tea and herbal tea

I can also make raw, vegan and gluten-free meals with advance notice.

Sample menu:

Breakfast: porridge with vegetable milk, nuts, ground linseed, served with fresh fruit, sprinkled with almond flakes;

5 Elements coffee 

Lunch: vegan broth soup with rice noodles; baked vegetables, quinoa, green salad with tomatoes and roasted seeds

Dessert: fruit tart and vegan vanilla cream

Dinner: salad of baked beetroots, arugula, blue cheese, homemade bread, sunflower paste and dried tomatoes

The number of meals per day and the portion sizes can all be tailored to your requirements.